Credo World School is a breakthrough in the educational system of Dahanu.The school offers CBSE board of education which in itself plays a significant role in building up ones career goals and achievements. "If a child can't learn the way we teach then maybe we should teach the way they learn" ...this is the kind of teaching learning atmosphere the school provides as the learning is not limited through books alone. The Principal and the teachers work personally towards every individual student as per his/her needs. If a student is weak he/she receives special attention and if the student is bright then he/she is given a boost to optimise the talent.

The school inculcates happy, inspiring, progressive and dignified learning atmosphere. Extracurricular activities are a part of everyday school which initiates unity, boldness, friendships and sheer joy. Sportify team is on board to teach various sports in vast open spaces with fresh air. Sports complete an education system besides providing good physical health.

The structure of the curriculum is simplified ,step by step and methodical allowing sound and complete knowledge. The study allows the children to reason and apply the knowledge ruling out rote learning.

The classrooms are well maintained with good ventilation and light , boards and lockers ,hygiene and cleanliness. The decorum in the classroom is disciplined and appropriate, building good character in the kids.

Credo World School nurtures the young curious minds with knowledge and tender hearts with love. My children come back home smiling and charged up.

Prachi Aiman

It was a great moment when we decided to enroll our children in Credo World School. We knew that the school is going to bring about a great change in our children's skills and educational development. My two children are in CWS - IramShaikh(Kg1) ArqaanShaikh(Class 4)and we are so happy that our children are developing their personalities day by day and they are exploring more than our expectations, which wouldn't possible if CWS didn't show the confidence in them... I am very thankful to the staff and Principal for such a change in our children.

Irfan and Mohsina shaikh.

I take this opportunity to thank CWS on behalf of myself and my family for starting the first CBSE School in Dahanu. We just had a dream of a CBSE school in nearby vicinity. CWS has its own strong slogan "Your future our passion”. Day one we attended the first parents' meet and we were happy to have made the right decision. CWS has very clear idea of shaping children to their best potential. Every time during Parents Interaction meeting we find something new to learn not only for our wards but also as parents about our atmosphere at home, internal behaviour at home, food habits, mannerism, respect, discipline......... list is too long.Every small act at home is reflected by our child in school and vice versa. After first day our child has never hesitated to go school in all circumstances. When your child returns with a happy face from school there are no words to describe the joy.

CWS has given direction with aim. As parents we all want our child to be happy and successful in life. Here at CWS all staff members are like potters giving shape and creating self esteem in children so as how they can do best in life in their respective fields. Harmony, peace, communal integrity, power to speak, all community festival celebrations, moral boosting, health check ups,yoga, discipline, attitude, how to be fearless, bold enough to face circumstances........... are things taught in school. Going merely by books and percentage is not their method but understanding whatever is taught in class is. I think every student will come out as perfectly tailored, crafted, moulded citizen of future INDIA.

Prashant Shah

"I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to Credo World School. My child's evident progress testifies the quality education being provided by this school. The school has been maintaining the standards of quality education since its inception. The teaching methodology adopted by this school is excellent. The teaching staff is well motivated and committed towards the improvement of students in all aspects. Teachers here help the child to overcome the hardships of the learning process. Besides all this, school management is also committed towards the safety and security of the students. Moreover, we the parents are always being kept precisely informed about our children’s’ accomplishments. I believe that this is the best school in the city."

Renu Sharad Singh